Kings of St.Philip

That a foreday band called REIGN would originate in St. Philip is not a coincidence or without base.
Not only is the designated parish colour purple which is associated with royalty, the island’s largest parish has been the home of the most crowned Calypso Monarch in Barbados. Born in Bayfield, St. Philip Stedson ‘Red Plastic Bag’ Wiltshire is a ten-time king.
In 1982 in his first outing in national competition he beat out the best-of- the best with Mr. Harding and Sugar Made Us Free. He went on to win in 1984, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2012.
Bag has also flexed his muscles in the soca arena with the mega-hit Ragga Ragga and in 2011 he won the title of Sweet Soca Monarch with Once Upon a Wine. In 2015 he was voted STARCOM Network’s People’s Monarch with Spontaneous.
But Bag is not the only Calypso Monarch to hail from St. Philip, John King who grew up in Church Village won the title twice - in 1986 with Tribute to the Skipper and Congratulations and in 1994 with I’m Back and Jump and Wave.
Philipeen Adrian Clarke took the crown in 2001 with Judgement and This Melody and in 2008 with I am A Bajan and Put Dah in Yuh Song.
St. Philip has also claimed the Junior Monarch crown through brothers Myles-Z and Jazz-Z and the lone queen Carrie G.