Welcome to REIGN

REIGN the foreday band is based in the parish of St. Philip and has been several years in the making.

Built on the foundation of one parish, one family, this is our first year in Crop Over; of course band membership is open to everyone no matter where they are from.

Purple is our parish colour which is associated with royalty - hence the name REIGN. We decided to stick with solid colours so purple is Queen and white is Goddess. As you know glamour and glitter are associated with those who sit on a throne so the look on the road is all glam - from makeup to accessories. We have an amazing makeup team on board, the affordable cost of $45.00 per face is outside the package and includes lashes and gems.

Frontline costumes Queen and Goddess are $245.00 and backline costumes for women and men are $195.00; the package includes gold, silver and or purple chokers, a swag bag, transportation from and to St.Philip (we are coordinating a second pick up and drop off spot closer to Bridgetown), snacks on and before boarding the buses, a well-stocked bar and well-trained security personnel. As we get closer to Foreday check out our Face Book and Instagram pages,here on our website and get to know all of our service providers personally.

We will be hosting a series of events in and outside the parish so all our Queens, Goddesses and Kings can reserve their costume and get to know each other. Sign up early so everything you need to know can get to you directly; pay for your costume in full early and get a chance to win several prizes including a staycation x 2 at the Crane Resort. Get five of your friends to pay early and in full and they could win as well, while you get a costume of your choice for free!!

One of our main registration events is on Saturday, June 03 at Emerald City Supermarket from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We are looking for you!

Crop Over this year is going to be AWESOME and we get to share it with you.